Major Booking and Calendar Page Updates

We're thrilled to announce our most significant update yet to our bookings and calendar page. We've completely revamped the experience to streamline your booking management, allowing you to spend less time searching for bookings and more time serving your customers or focusing on your business. Here's what's new: **Manage Bookings Page Redesign:** We've rebuilt the manage bookings page from the ground up, presenting all essential information in a convenient view that opens from the right side. You can now efficiently handle your bookings with quick actions and easily close the view when you're done. ![how to screen record and create a gif mac - Google Search - 1 May 2024.gif-5720](BASE/products/796241266/changelog/32601/inline-659afed68c3c8edd2c58e951f1df7b2b.gif) **Calendar Page Redesign:** Our calendar page now features a sleek design, complete with a compact calendar view similar to Google Calendar for easy date navigation. Additionally, we've added filters so you can sort bookings based on various criteria. When you click on an event in the calendar, a detailed view opens from the right, allowing you to manage bookings seamlessly without leaving the calendar. ![Screenshot 2024-05-01 at 5.24.57 PM.png-2962](BASE/products/796241266/changelog/32601/inline-e35b9aaf218ab84c14217f3f3baa5fb9.jpg) **Colors Based on Products/Variants:** Customize your calendar widget with different colors for each product or variant. This level of customization enables service-level color coding, providing a visual aid for efficient scheduling. **Quick Manual Booking from Calendar:** You can now drag and create manual bookings swiftly for any duration, regardless of the service duration. This feature allows you to block off time or make manual bookings directly from the calendar, enhancing flexibility in scheduling. ![CloudConvert - 1 May 2024.gif-1297](BASE/products/796241266/changelog/32601/inline-ed17209ccd9e0dce18ea24085e11fdca.gif) **Choose Custom Duration for Manual Bookings:** When making manual bookings for your customers, you now have the option to select either a standard service duration or a custom duration, catering to individual scheduling needs. Watch this video for a comprehensive overview of all the new features: [embed:] Stay tuned as we continue to enhance Appointo with even more features. Keep an eye out for updates!