Variable for {{appointment_time}} that does not include the timezone

I would like to have a variable to use in workflows which will display the appointment time -- date, and time numbers and am/ pm -- withOUT displaying the timezone. I do NOT want you to alter the existing variable {{appointment_time}}, which is also useful to me. What I want you to do is make an ADDITIONAL variable -- something like {{appointment_time_without_timezone}} which I can use, selectively, for events that are not actually located in the timezone I'm listing the event with. I am currently making events which will take place in Istanbul, Turkey, and I am using PDT as the timezone, because I have determined this will come the closest to meeting our needs. I would want to use the variable for {{appointment_time}} in the confirmation and reminder emails, and would want it NOT to include the timezone (since the timezone I'm using is NOT the actual timezone where the events are taking place.) thanks